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Nissan Business & Fleet has options for all business sizes, vehicle styles, and fleet sizes. No matter your business, Nissan serves a solution.


The Nissan Business Advantage program gives businesses unique benefits from coast to coast, including a national dealer network, competitive sales incentives, and premium service benefits after the sale.


With as many configurations as there are jobs, the Nissan vehicle lineup and it's accessories are here to help. Get custom upfits for vans and trucks and accessories for a variety of vehicles to suit you and your work.

Nissan Business Advantage

We believe in having customers for life, which is why we promise a full range of vehicles from the start with unique incentives and financing to optimize customer ownership. Following this, we make sure to provide support long after the sale by minimizing downtime with Next Available Bay and Next Available Technician priority service in addition to commercial focused service contracts offered for your business vehicle needs. With these and other exclusive benefits, let the Nissan Business Advantage help keep your business moving forward.

Explore vehicles for work

You know your work and we know our vehicles. See how a Nissan vehicle can fit with your job right off of the line or with customizations.

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For Realtors

With space for signage, accessories, and clients, take a look at how a Nissan SUV can fit your fast moving Real Estate lifestyle.

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teddy nissan bronx commercial vehicles

For Rideshare Drivers

With space for signage, accessories, and clients, take a look at how a Nissan SUV can fit your fast moving Real Estate lifestyle.

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teddy nissan bronx commercial vehicles

For Contractors

You carry a load on your shoulders keeping everything in check, now let a TITAN take a load off.

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What is a Fleet?

A Fleet is a group of vehicles operated by a single business. At Nissan, we elevate this definition by expanding it to a variety of business, from small to large, that work in a variety of disciplines.

A Nissan Fleet can start with 2 vehicles, and expand indefinitely. Incentives are volume based, meaning that the more vehicles you need, the more incentives you may be eligible to receive.

Small Fleet

10 or less 


Starting at 2 vehicles and including the entire Nissan lineup, work with a Dealer to help you determine which available incentives and upfits can best suit your business needs.

  • Roadside Assistance 
  • Ship-thru requests
  • Unique sales incentives

Large Fleet

11 or more 


Looking for 11 vehicles or more? Find your fleet with a Regional Fleet Sales representative and take advantage of more volume based incentives

  • Small fleet benefits, plus:
  • Volume-based incentives
  • Regional Fleet Sales Representative, specializing in your needs

Count on Nissan

Work wear and tear happens, and Nissan commercial vans and trucks are ready when it does.



​​​​​​​mossy nissan houston commercial vehicles

America's Best Commercial Truck Warranty

The TITAN and TITAN XD come stocked with America's Best Commercial Truck Warranty, covering bumper to bumper up to 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. With options to extend, get the Nissan advantage. See dealer for limited warranty details.