Teddy Nissan Leads the Way Hiring 74 new employees at its dealership in bronx ny

Teddy Nissan leads the way Hiring 74 new employees at its dealership in Bronx, NY

Bronx, NY – October 29, 2010 – Despite record unemployment in the Bronx, NY and nationally, local upstart car dealer Teddy Nissan (www.teddynissan.com ), hires 74 new employees this year and increases sales from 30 vehicles a month to over 250 vehicles per month.

When the dealership opened its doors in August 2009, the Bronx had almost a 14% unemployment rate, the highest of the five boroughs of New York City and the auto industry was in a downward spiral. Since then, Teddy Nissan sky rocketed to one of the top Nissan dealers in the country by making it easier for consumers to buy and service vehicles online at www.TeddyNissan.com. “We make it easy for customers to shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we look friendly staff who want to revolutionize how cars are sold and serviced over the web,” explains Steve Risso, President of Teddy Nissan. “There are a lot of skilled people who live in the Bronx are eager to work, and who are extremely motivated to do the best they can and we are happy we can give them the opportunity.”

Owner Ted Bessen and Risso assure new employees are starting careers, not getting seasonal work. As the business remains on a path of growth, Teddy Nissan will continue to create more opportunities and jobs for the people of the Bronx while providing world-class service for their customers.

“Our mission is to help our employees make a living while making a difference in the lives of our customers and the families in our community,” said Bessen. In addition to creating jobs for the residents of the Bronx, Teddy Nissan actively works to lend a helping hand to the community. Among the many community outreach activities, the dealership recently created a scholarship fund that will cover the cost of tuition of local students attending Cardinal Spellman High School. Over the summer, Teddy Nissan also sponsored a local youth basketball team to go to Las Vegas to participate in a basketball tournament – the team finished in second place. “By making it easier for customers to get the right car at a fair price we are also making life easier for the hard working people in the Bronx who are excited about working for a company that is changing an industry for the better,” added Risso.

About Teddy Nissan:

Teddy Nissan offers one of the top brand cars in the Bronx that up until a year ago was not available in this borough of New York City. Teddy Nissan was founded on a vision of creating a world-class operation: a high volume, high customer satisfaction and profitable business. In just one year, the vision has become a reality – owners Ted Bessen and Steve Risso have pioneered one of the highest volume dealers in the northeast and one of the top customer satisfaction dealers in the state of New York.